Buche de Touraine

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Buche de Touraine is one of the cheeses in Rodolph Le Meunier’s collection of small format goat’s milk cheeses. Buche, which translates to “log” in French, is a small cylindrical cheese that is lightly dusted with vegetable ash. As the cheeses age, a bloomy geotrichum rind develops, encasing each log in a bluish pillow of mold. The paste of the cheese remains dense and textured, becoming increasingly drier with age.


Le Meunier is but a few affineurs in France that is adorned with the recognition of MOF, Meilleur Ouvrier de France, a prestigious award given only after passing a series of rigorous cheese oriented tests. This certification is worn with pride as a red, blue and white stripe along the collar of one's chef jacket.


Le Meunier is revered for taking traditional, French cheeses and applying his delicate techniques to create renditions leagues above the rest. This particular collection hails from Touraine, a region in the Loire Valley, which is known for producing some of France's most coveted small format, goat's milk cheeses. Each cheese, though similarly made, brings it own character and pizzazz to any cheese selection. Individually and beautifully packaged, Le Meunier's cheeses are a perfect low maintenance cheese; put them out and watch them sell themselves!


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