Fiorito in Foglie di Ciliegio

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Basilicata, Puglia
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Giovanni Samela, owner and cheesemaker at Pietra del Sale, is a true crusader for the traditional foods of his home, Basilicata in Southern Italy. Whether it be native peppers, beans, or the rustic cheeses he crafts from his own flock, Samela is passionate about sharing the bounty of the south. Always keeping one foot in tradition, Samela also has a keen-eye for innovation utilizing the local produce and wine to flavor his cheeses. In addition to making his own cheese, Samela works with other local artisans to bring cheeses from their farms to the public.

For this unique cheese, Samela uses milk from his own goats occasionally supplemented from that of his brother’s herd. Aged approximately 25 days, the cheese is soft and supple. The wrapping of cherry leaves adds a delicate woodsy note to the creamy, tart cheese.

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