Galet du Cher (Touraine)

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Galet du Cher is a puck shaped goat milk cheese, hailing from the Loire region of France. In the tradtional style, it is dusted with vegetable ash developing a rind that is a greyish-blue hue where the paste is a stark white. The flavors are clean and bright often with tones of grass, finishing with a brightness. Each wheel is individually packaged and ready for resale!


The Galet du Cher is an original creation from Master Cheesemaker, Rodolphe le Meunier. Le Meunier is but a few affineurs in France that is adorned with the recognition of MOF, Meilleur Ouvrier de France, a prestigious award given only after passing a series of rigorous cheese oriented tests. This certification is worn with pride as a red, blue and white stripe along the collar of one's chef jacket.


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