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This unique cheese fro the village of Vilasar del Dalt near Barcelona is the creation of cheesemaker Josep Cuixart. Most famous for his goat’s milk Nevat, Cuixart adapts his recipe to the use of sheep milk. Like it’s relative, Odre develops a bloomy white rind of candidum mold which covers a velvety, smooth interior. Mild, milky, and entirely plesant, Odre is a welcome addition to the Spanish selection.


Made in the village of Vilasar del Dalt near Barcelona from milk from Murcia and Granadina goats. The name Nevat (the Catalan word for “snow”) refers to its downy white mold (from penicillium candidium). The curds are drained in a knotted cheesecloth bag. When firm, the bags are opened and its unique shape emerges. It resembles an extremely plump Brie, sloping up to a peak in the middle, like a snow covered mountain. The interior is creamy at the edges, becoming firmer at the center. Nevat has a full, rich, and buttery flavor with herbal notes and a sweet, mildly “goaty” tang.

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