Pyramide de Touraine

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Pasteurized milk

This truncated, ash ripened goat's milk cheese might look like a Valencay and to the naked eye, distinguishing the two may be quite difficult. However, once you take a bite of Rodolphe's rendition you will unmistakably understand the craftsmanship that is dedicated to making this French classic.

Named Pyramide de Touraine, as respect to the region in which it is made, this cheese is delicate on the palate. Dense and dry in the center, the paste gives way to a luscious, creamy texture, just under the ash-dusted rind.


The stark white paste is contrasted against the blue vein that runs along the exterior of the geotrichum rind. The flavors are delicate and clean, tasting of grass, bright citrus, finishing with a mild buckiness as you get closer to the rind.

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