Stracchitunt DOP

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Milk Treatment: 
Pasteurized milk

This traditional cheese whose name literally means “round stracchino” has been made in the Val Brembana since the late 19th century but had almost disappeared by the 1970s. Thanks to the efforts of a small group of cheesemakers, the tradition has been kept alive. Today they are supported by a small consortium that regulates the manufacture of this unique cheese.

The milk comes from the local breed of Bruno Alpina cows. Curd from the previous evening’s cheesemaking is mixed with new curd before being placed into molds. After about 40 days, the cheeses are pierced to allow the development of blue veins. The cheese is then aged for a minimum 20 additional days. The resulting cheese is dense and moist with a mottled gray-brown rind. The off-white paste is streaked with blue mold.

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