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Fresca Italia Company overview

Fresca Italia is an importer of specialty foods from Italy and other European countries. Working closely with artisanal producers, we specialize in sourcing unique, high-quality foods.

When Fresca Italia opened in 2001, we had a simple goal in mind: to bring Italy's very best cheeses and traditional foods to the United Sates and share these gastronomic delights with our customers. But we didn't stop there. Despite our name, today Fresca Italia's scope ranges far beyond Italy's borders. Our selection now includes products from France, Spain, Italy, Bavaria, the UK, as well as a well-tailored domestic selection. Yet as we've grown our mission has remained consistent: to seek out the finest cheeses and specialty foods Europe and the US have to offer and put them in the hands of the best chefs and retailers in the country.

Over the years we've sought a wide range of specialty goods -  cheese made from the milk of cows grazing on fresh spring grasses, truffles sniffed out by specially-trained dogs, pastas that keep alive family recipes, olives grown in centuries-old groves, and hand-crafted traditional meats. And yet, while we honor tradition, we are not held back by it. We work closely with our producers to discover new, innovative, and creative products that maintain the high bar of quality and taste we've set for everything that enters our warehouse. Whether it be fair-trade cocoa or gluten free pastas to meet the demands of savvy consumers, every product we select holds true to the same standard we set from the beginning.

Getting a young, fresh cheese from the farm to your table is no easy feat. We've developed a high level of expertise in handling highly perishable products in order to preserve the integrity of each item.  This ensures that not only will cheese arrive in prime condition, but that each  represents the vision of the farmer, cheesemaker and affineur. Even highly perishable items like Mozzarella di Bufala arrive pristine and fresh just days after production.

More than a decade later, Fresca Italia has grown into a one-stop distributor for all segments of the food-service industry. And in this time we've remained true to our original goal: to supply our customers with the best, most authentic foods available.