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The Langhe is the argicultural heart of Piemonte. Its picturesque hills and meadows are home to the famed vineyards of Barolo and Barbaresco, hazelnut groves, fruit trees, and some of the world’s finest cheeses. The robiola, in its many varied forms, is a deep-rooted and beloved regional tradition. Carboncino, one of Caseificio dell'Alta Langa's newest creations, takes its name from the dusting of ash which covers the delicate cheese. The ash serves as a protective  coating while adding a visual appeal to the small rounds. Once the cheese is cut, the charcoal grey ash stands in stark contrast to the bone white paste. Carrying on the Piemontese tradition of mixed milk robiola, Carboncino combines cow, goat, and sheep milk, each adding its nuance to the final cheese.

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