Moliterno al Tartufo

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Sicilia, Sardegna
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From the Italian island of Sardinia comes this raw sheep's milk cheese with black truffles. Unlike most truffled cheeses, the truffle paste is infused after Moliterno semi-aged and has developed its own character but before the cheese becomes too hard to allow the truffle paste to be injected.When the cheese is ready it heads north to be infused with the truffle paste.

Though the truffles are only visible in the “veins,” the truffle flavor permeates throughout the entire paste of this amazing cheese. During the aging process, oil and vinegar are applied to the cheese's rind to prevent weight loss.

Once cut, the dark paste oozes out of the crevices of the cheese like trickles of water from a craggy cliff. Both delicious and intriguing visually, this cheese is a show-stopper. Enjoy this pecorino with a big, earthy Italian red with enough muscle to stand up to the truffles.

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