Testun al Barolo

Regional selection: 
Selection by milk: 
Cow and Sheep
Milk Treatment: 
Raw milk

Beppino Occelli has earned a well-deserved reputation as a fine cheesemaker since he began in 1973. He has gained renown for his full line of Piemontese classics ranging from robiola to his stunning "Grand Cheeses" of which this testun is a member.

In the local dialect Testun means “hard head.” This colorful description is also the name of a tradtional cheese on Piemonte in northwestern Italy. When aged Testun can become quite hard and grateable and some rustic forms even take on a round, vaguely head-shaped appearance yet Testun is a cheese that varies greatly from wheel to wheel.

Testun can be made from almost any combination of milk. For this version, Occelli uses a blend of cow and goats milk. Making use of the bounty of the region, he then coats it with a thin crust of Barolo must which adds a fruity tang to the robust cheese

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