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The Langhe is the argicultural heart of Piemonte. Its picturesque hills and meadows are home to the famed vineyards of Barolo and Barbaresco, hazelnut groves, fruit trees, and some of the world’s finest cheeses. The area is also beloved for its traditional cheeses ranging from young, fresh robiola to local toma, to the esteemed Castelmagno.

Bocconcino, or "little mouthful", is a take on the traditional Piemontese tomino. Throughout the area you can find similar cheeses made from one, two, or three milks. For the Bocconcino, Alta Langa uses only goat’s milk, highlighting the unique flavor. As a table cheese, Bocconcino has a suppl.e, creamy texture and clean goaty flavor. When warmed, as is tradtional in Piemonte, the flavors open up becoming more seductive and pungent. The cheese softens and becomes slightly oozy, contained only by the thin bloomy rind.

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