Langhe Robiola 3 Milk

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Cow, Goat and Sheep

The Langhe is the argicultural heart of Piemonte. Its picturesque hills and meadows are home to the famed vineyards of Barolo and Barbaresco, hazelnut groves, fruit trees, and some of the world’s finest cheeses. The robiola, in its many varied forms, is a deep-rooted and beloved regional tradition.

This seductive version blends together approximately 50% cow’s milk and 25% each goat and sheep milk though the percetange varies with the seasons. Each adds its own dimension to the finished product. Generally eaten young – a few days to a few weeks – the cheese is soft, dense, and creamy with an intense richness that is thick and palate-coating. While this cheese is usually thought of as a fresh cheese, it actually ages beautifully becoming firmer and denser as it dries out. During an extending aging, which can last for a few months, the flavors intensify becoming more pronounced.

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