Quadro di Bufala

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When one thinks of Lombardian cheese, buffalo milk cheeses are not the first that come to mind. But that's exactly what they produce at Quattro Portoni, the dairy run by Alfio and Bruno Gritti near Bergamo. Originally purchased by their father, the farm started off raising beef cattle. After transitioning to dairy cows the Gritti family made their living selling fluid milk. But when the price of milk dropped dangerously low they had to rethink their plan. Fearing that the market was already full of regional cows milk classics, Alfio and Bruno took a risk. Stepping outside of local tradition, they replaced their cows with bufala and went to work developing a line of unique cheeses with the rich, flavorful milk.

Many of the cheeses made at Quattro Portoni are based on traditional Lombardian cheeses and the Quadro di Bufala is one such example. Similar to a Quartirolo, the Quadro is a washed rind cheese aged from 35-40 days. Thick, dense, and fudgy in texture, the Quado has a gorgeous flavor with notes of tangy milk, toasted nuts and earth.

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