Toma Valsesia

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This rustic cheese is a fine example of traditional Piemontese cheesemaking. The name  toma is a broad category of cheeses generally referring to mid-size wheels, often made from cow’s milk though the term is occasionally applied to small robiola and large, long-aged wheels. While one can find cheeses called toma throughout Piemonte, certain localities set their versions apart from the rest by naming them for their place of origin. Toma Valsesia is one such example.

This version is made from whole cow’s milk and aged for 1-3 months. Under its rustic natural mold-mottled rind, the cheese captures the flavors of the milk melded with the earthy flavors of the aging cellar. Like other cheeses from the family, these wheels are elegant in their simplicity and approachability. While mild and pleasant, the flavors are layered and complex making them great for cheeses lovers with any level of experience.

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