Blu del Moncenisio

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This cheese originates high in Val di Susa in the Italian alps bordering France and takes its name from the mountain pass leading through the commune of Moncenisio. While this cheese is certainly Italian, it is a wonderful illustration that food, culture, and tradition transcend international borders.

The tall cyllindrical form of Blu del Moncenisio recalls that of the french Fourme d’Ambert. This is no coincidence as the french cheese is made not far across the border in Grenoble. The alternative spelling “Bleu” also links this cheese to its French counterpart. Yet while the two cheeses share many similarities, in flavor and texture they show marked distinction. Where Fourme d’Ambert tends to have an open texture and dominant flavor of fresh cream, Blu del Moncenisio is dense and rich. Moncenisio is an assertive, yet balanced cheese with notes of chocolate, cream, and the aging cellar with a wonderful salty, savory edge.

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