Caprino Cremoso al Tartufo

Regional selection: 
Selection by milk: 
Cow and Goat
Milk Treatment: 
Pasteurized milk

From the dairy started by her grandparents, brother and sister Anna and Mario Sarale blend cow, goat, and sheep milk into both traditional Piemontese classics as well as some beautiful originals. Aged in tuff cantinas, the cheese keeps alive the dairy's century-old traditions. Making full use of the bounty of her surroundings, her cheeses reflect the rich culinary history of Piemonte. The Caprino Cremoso highlights two of the area’s best loved products – fresh goat’s milk and truffles. The delicate, creamy and slightly acidic goat cheese provide a mild backdrop to soften the pungent addition of truffles. The heady aroma and distinctive flavor of the truffles elevate this simple cheese into somthing sublime.

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