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Castelmagno is one of Piemonte’s most unique and esteemed products. Made high in the mountains of the Val Grana, it is produced in only three small municipalities – Castelmagno, Pradleves, and Monterosso Grana. Awarded a DOP status in 1982, the production of the special cheese is carefully controlled setting true Castelmagno apart from the several immitations made in the surrounding areas.

After several days of aging, the curds are milled into small pieces and kneaded with salt. This gives the finished product, which can age anywhere from 60 days to upwards of two years, a unique moist yet crumbly texture. Young Castelmagno is bone white and has a strong tangy flavor. With age the cheese may develop blue mold beneath the surface and in any fissures present in the cheese. The flavor mellows developing buttery, grassy nuances.

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