Cusie alla Frutta con Grappa di Moscato

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Cow and Sheep

Cusie is the invention of Beppino Occelli and considered to be one of his “Grand Cheeses”. Its whimsical name translates from the local dialect as “that which there is” and refers to the fact that Cusie makes use of whatever milk in available. Though always made with cows milk, either sheep or goat is blended in and may change from batch to batch. Regardless, the cheese is bold and worthy of its place among Occelli’s esteemed cheeses. Taking advantage of the lush Piemontese meadows, Cusie is made form the milk of animals that are left free to pasture in summer. It is a hard cheese that is aged from 18 to 24 months. While delicious on its own, Occelli shows his innovation and creativity by aging the cheese with dried fruit that has been soak in grappa.

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