Ol Sciur

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Ol Sciur is the newest cheese to join our selection here at Fresca Italia and what an addition it is! This raw goat's milk cheese is made in Bergamo by couple Valentina and Roberto - who went to great lengths to learn the craft of traditional cheesemaking techniques. Studying both in France and Italy, the two mastered the art form and dedicated their dairy - LaViaLattea (which means The Milky Way) - to producing only raw milk cheeses.

The Ol Sciur however, is anything but traditional. The name comes from a Lombardian dialect meaning "The Lord" or "The Boss" because of the attention it commands. Each wheel, after receiving a brine wash, is rubbed with a mash of mixed berries and rose petals, leaving the rind dyed a deep crimson. And the aromas are truly something that need to be experience in person. Smelling of sweet fruit, Ol Sciur leaves you thinking of a Spring bloom. The flavors however are mellow, with subtle nuances of grass. This striking beauty will not let you down!

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