Fontina Val d'Aosta

Regional selection: 
Valle d'Aosta, Liguria
Selection by milk: 

Fontina is perhaps the most recogized and most-celebrated products from Italy’s Val d’Aosta. A large and robust cheese, it’s assertive flavor and pungent aroma have earned Fontina a deserved esteem.

The production of DOP Fontina is carefully regulated by the consortium making it a reliable and consistent product. It is made from the milk of the area’s indigenous Valdostana pezzata nera and pezzata bruna cows. Grazing in alpine pastures, these cows produce rich, creamy milk nuanced by the wide variety of flora on which they graze. The cheese must be made from milk from a single milking. During aging, the cheeses are washed periodically with a brine giving them their characteristic orange rind and pungent aroma.

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