Il Nocciolo

Regional selection: 
Selection by milk: 
Cow, Goat and Sheep
Milk Treatment: 
Pasteurized milk

Caseificio dell’Alta Langa is best known for taking traditional Piemontese classics and giving them a modern twist. While the recipes for their cheeses have a firm foothold in tradition, the production is quite modern allowing them to control the quality of their cheese ensuring a reliable and consistently delicious result. The small Il Nocciolo, named for the famed Piemtonese hazelnuts, benefits from Alta Langa’s close watch over their production.

As is common in the area, the cheese is made from a blend of milk, cow, goat, and sheep in this case. Aged just long enough the cheese to take form, there is nothing to mask the clean flavors of the raw materials. The finished cheese is simple and straightforward with a clean, tangy flavour and a luscious creamy texture. While the cheese is ideal as an ingredient, when paired with fresh fruit, preserves or lightly dressed greens, it makes an elegant cheese course.

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