Pecorino Sardo DOP Maturo

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Pasteurized milk
CAO Formaggi (CAO, the Italian acronym for “Cooperativa Allevatori Ovini” meaning “Sheep Breeders Cooperative” and “Formaggi” meaning Cheeses) is a Cooperative composed of 700 members, that was founded in 1966. The cooperative was established with the aim of bringing together a group of farmers to transform the milk produced in the respective companies in order to create a distinguished production of delicious cheeses with high quality standards. The farmers' union also intended to enhance and recognize the work and characteristics of the sheep milk heritage of the territory.  The Cooperative currently distributes its products on a local, national and international level, but more importantly, they do not only export cheeses, but also culture and tradition of the Sardinian territory.
Pecorino Sardo is one of the oldest cheeses of Sardinia. The first documented evidence of Sardinian dairy technology dates back to the 18th century when 3 types of cheese were produced (white, red, & affumicato), which can be considered the progenitors of our Sardinian pecorino.  Pecorino Sardo Maturo is aged for at least 60 days, has a smooth rind and compact semi-cooked paste with small straw-colored eyes during the aging process. Firm cheese with a delicate taste in the first months of maturation, and a strong & somewhat spicy flavor as it continues to age.

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