Torta Fichi e Noci

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Toscana, Umbria
Panforti and Torroni

Panforte is a traditional cake from the Tuscan city of Siena. Its history dates back to medieval times when new spices were introduced by traders arriving from the east. Dense, flavorful, and sweet, panforte makes a satisfying treat. Its long shelf life made it a favored snack of crusaders. 

This version of the classic pastry is made with a base of dried figs and earthy walnuts dusted with white sugar. Served with a glass of sweet wine, the torta fichi e noci makes for a simple yet elegant end to any meal. It also pairs perfectly with a wide variety of cheeses from mild, creamy robiola to more aged, saltier pecorino. 

All of our panforte is made by Pastiecceria Marabissi, a family run business now in its third generation. Located in the town of Chianciano Terme, Marabissi has been handcrafting panforte and other sweets for over 60 years.

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