Parmigiano Reggiano Riserva

Regional selection: 
Friuli ed Emilia
Selection by milk: 
Milk Treatment: 
Raw milk

Working closely with Alpine producers in the Apennines, Luigi Guffanti selects wheels of Parmigiano best suited for long aging. As the animals are fed on alpine grass and hay, the flavors of their milk are more complex. The affineurs at Guffanti watch each wheel closely throughout the process, treating them with water, oil and salt to ensure proper and even aging. It’s not every wheel of Parmigiano that can stand up to long years of maturing. As Guffanti ages their cheese, they keep a watchful eye on each wheel to determine the cheese’s longevity. Some wheels have true staying power and Guffanti lets these wheels keep on aging….and aging. These phenomenal cheeses are aged from 5-7 years during which time all those things we love about Parmigiano intensify. Filled with crystalline flavor bombs, this cheese is a real powerhouse.

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