Fiacco di Capra

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The name “fiacco” translates to “tired". Much like cheeses designated as “stracchino” whose name stems from “stracco” also meaning tired, these are historically made from the milk of animals exhausted from the trek between alpine meadows and valley dairies. The milk from these animals was thought to be richer and more flavorful. Cheeses like Taleggio, Gorgonzola, and of course, Stracchino all stem from this tradition. The Fiacco di Capra also shares this common ancestory. Unlike many other cheeses of this category which are made from cow’s milk, the fiacco is made from goat’s milk. For this cheese the milk is thermalized rather than pasteurized which preserves more of the natural flavors of the milk. As is traditional with many Lombardian cheeses, during the aging process which lasts 2-3 months, the cheese is periodically washed in brine which aids in the development of the pungent orange B. linens rind.

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