Capra Mista Sabauda

Regional selection: 
Selection by milk: 
Sheep and Goat
Milk Treatment: 
Pasteurized milk
Capra Mista Sabauda comes from the area of Piemonte that historically was a part of the kingdom of Savoy, which covers territory in France, Switzerland, and Italy over the Alps in the region. It is more typical of an Alpine cheese than an Italian cheese- being delicate and rich, as opposed to bracing or spicy. The cheese is a ‘tometta’ or a small wheel of cheese, similar in style to a Petit Basque cheese. 
Each cheese is cellar aged for at least 45 days, developing a delicate caramel sweetness from the goat's milk, balanced with the rich fattiness of sheep's. The milk shines, with herbal and lightly sweet flavours, and a satisfyingly toothsome texture. This is a great table cheese and pairs wonderfully with dessert accoutrement and difficult to pair with red wines. The thin rind is distinctly marked with a patterned imprint, and is a bright yellow orange, often slightly tacky to the touch. 

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