Caprino Lucano di Grotta

Regional selection: 
Basilicata, Puglia
Selection by milk: 
Milk Treatment: 
Pasteurized milk

This unique cheese was born out of the inspiration the artisan drew from his natural surroundings. Taking cues from his herd, the surrounding vineyards, and his own cheese making skill, Giovanni Samela has created a very special cheese.

Made from 100% goat’s milk from Muro Lucano Mountain, the production period runs from April to June, when the goats are grazing on mountain pastures and there is an abundance of milk.

Caprino di Grotta is a hard cheese, dotted with tiny eyes, the paste is alabaster in color, the pre-eminent characteristic of goat milk.

Maturation takes place in natural limestone caves in Barile for a minimum of 8 months. Periodically during the aging process the forms are first washed with water and then rubbed with Aglianico del Vulture wine, a rich bold wine made with grapes of the same name from the Campania & Basilicata regions of Italy.

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