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Morbier, with its horizontal layer of ash, is one of France’s most recognizable cheeses. Traditionally Morbier was made as a byproduct of the region’s famed Comte. Milk left over from the evening milking was put into smaller molds. Ash from the copper pots was spread over the cheese to protect it overnight. The next day, milk left over from the morning milking was used to cover the previous day’s curds. Today, Morbier is usually made from a single milking but the layer of ash still serves to remind us of tradition.

Morbier is a large, dense cheese with a chewy yet silken texture. The pungent wheels are bold and meaty yet balanced by nuances of grass and cream. The wheels aged by Rodolphe have all of the characteristics you expect from a Morbier – they’re aromatic, robust, and delicious. But it’s the texture of his Morbier that sets it apart. Velvety smooth and thick on the palate, Meunier’s Morbier is indulgent and satisfying.


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