Farmstead Manchego 6 MO

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Both within Spain and abroad, Manchego is, without a doubt, Spain’s best known cheese. Named for the town of La Mancha made famous by Don Quixote, Manchego has earned a place of honor among the world’s great cheeses. Made adhering to strict DOP regulation, the cheese reflects the culture and environment from which it comes.

Made only with whole milk of the local Manchega sheep who given the cheese much of its unique character. The cheesemakers still rely on traditional methods as they have for generations such as the use of esparto grass molds which imprint the rind with their traditional zigzag pattern. Small wooden boards are used to press the top and bottom of the form imprint the wheat pattern on the top and bottom. The young cheeses are mellow and smooth but develop a pleasant sharpness and lanolin flavour as their age. This six-month old version, while still fairly young, is already quite complex. The texture is firm yet supple while the flavour strikes a perfect balance between bite and milkiness. 


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