Gruyere 1655

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Nestled in the Swiss Alps, at approximately 2,900 ft, lies the bucolic town of Bulle. It is here that Gruyere SA has, for nearly a century, overseen the production of some of Switzerland's most notable Gruyeres. In partnership with master cheesemaker, Jean-Marie Dunand, this power house team now proudly wears the recognition of Super Gold Top 16 at the 2012 World Cheese Awards.

The 1655 takes its name from the year in which this traditional Swiss cheese first was recorded as "Gruière". Aged for at least a year, each while is painstakingly washed with a salt mixture, mined from the nearby Bex Salt Mines. During the aging process, each wheel is inspect every month to ensure that at its time of release, the Gruyere flavors and textures are up to the rigorous standards observed by Gruyere SA.

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