Tomme Brulee

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The Tomme Brulee hails from the foot of the Mount Baigura in the western Basque country. Like several cheeses from the area, the cheese is made only from raw sheep milk. In the case of the Tomme Brulee, only milk from three native breeds is used – Basco Béarnaise, Manech Tete Noir, and Manech Tete Rouge. This milk is transformed into this special and artisanal take on the traditional Petit Basque forms of the region.

True to tradition, this cheese has a dense, semi-firm paste with a nutty, sweet flavor. What sets it apart from other versions is the unique treatment on the rind. When the cheeses have aged for 4-6 months, the rind is burned, giving the cheese dark scorch marks. This also imparts a delicate smoky flavor.


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