Wrinkled Paglierina with Truffles

Regional selection: 
Selection by milk: 
Cow, Goat and Sheep
Milk Treatment: 
Pasteurized milk

Piemonte is home to some of Italy's finest foods - truffles, wine, and of course cheese. In the southwest corner is the small commune of Morozzo, the home of Caseificio La Bottera, a family-run operation that includes a farm, a dairy, and a stunning restaurant serving gorgeous traditional Piemontese fare.

Paglierina is a classic and traditional cheese from Piemonte. Its name refers to the straw (paglia) mats on which the small cheeses are aged. The short aging spent on these mats imparts an earthy note to the mild cheese. From the provinces of Turin and Cuneo in Piemonte, this mold-encrusted cheese is made from a mix of whole cow, goat and sheep milk. It is soft texture with a melting center and an intense aroma.

This particular Paglierina is made with black truffles.

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