Camembert di Bufala with Walnut

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Pasteurized milk
A new offering from Fresca Italia, we have just started working with a small dairy from Cremona, a province of Lombardy in Northern Italy. Bringing together regional cheese making techniques and modern take on flavors, these cheeses take a cue from their French neighbors to the east while maintaining the quality and traditional of Lombardy. 
While buffalo milk cheeses are more commonly associated with Campania to the south, the fertile meadows of Lombardy offer fantastic grazing land for Buffalo. Enterprising cheesemakers began adapting their own techniques to make cheeses from butterfat-rich buffalo milk. For the Camembert di Bufala, the young cheeses are split down the middle, spread with a layer of Walnuts and then sandwiched back together to finish the short aging process. The result is a luscious cheese with a tangy, sweet cream paste enhanced with a nutty earthiness that balances perfectly.

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