Canestrato di Moliterno - DOP

Regional selection: 
Basilicata, Puglia
Selection by milk: 
Sheep and Goat

The town of Moliterno in Basilicata has been known for the aging of cheese since at least the 1700s. The name Moliterno is thought to originate from the latin "mulgere" meaning "to milk". The cheese that bears its name is made from the milk of local breeds of sheep and goats grazing in the pastures of 60 municipalities around Basilicata. Once the cheese is made, it is brought back to Moliterno where they are aged according to tradition. In addition to the magic of the affinatore, one thing that makes this pecorino unique is the inclusion of goat's milk. It's enough to lend  a subtle hint to the nutty sheep milk cheese. Aged 5-6 months the cheese is hard and flaky yet retains enough moisture to coat you pallet with its robust, herbaceous flavor.

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