Monte Enebro

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Pasteurized milk

Monte Enebro is made by a father-daughter team in Avila, Spain. Rafael and Paloma Baez produce this one of a kind, pasteurized goat's milk cheese in the idyllic landscape just outside of Madrid. The Baezes produce Monte Enebro using penicilium roqueforti, the same mold used to make Roquefort.

However, rather than piercing the cheese, which would allow blue veins to develop throughout, the blue mold develops on the rind of the cheese, adding to MonteEnebro's complex flavors and distinctive appearance. When young, the interior paste of the cheese is pure white and slightly chalky and brittle in texture. With age, the paste tends to break down and become runny and almost translucent just under the rind.Flavors in the younger cheeses are mild, bright and tangy, with distinct citrus notes combined with a cellar-like aroma and flavor imparted by the blue rind. As the cheeses mature, the aromas become more pungent and the flavors evolve and strengthen, becoming quite assertive, tasting of barnyard and goat.


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