Toma Montfleury

Regional selection: 
Valle d'Aosta, Liguria
Selection by milk: 
Milk Treatment: 
Raw milk
Toma Montfleury is produced in the Valle D’Aosta region (home of Fontina Val D’Aosta) only with raw milk and aged at least 45 days. The cheese is produced with the milk of two milkings, one of which is skimmed. Traditional the skimmed milk would be leftover from buttermaking with one milking. The skimmed milk would rest and be joined with the next milking of the day. The cheesemaker references this tradition as being even more important to the history and culture of the region than the production of fontina. 
Each cheese is cellar aged by Luigi Guffanti for at least a year, developing bright flavours with just a hint of the cave towards the rind. The milk shines, with herbal and lightly sweet flavours, and a satisfyingly toothsome texture. This is a great table cheese and pairs wonderfully with dessert accoutrement. The thin rind is distinctly marked with a patterned imprint, and is a bright yellow orange, often slightly tacky to the touch. 

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