Pecorino Fossa

Regional selection: 
Toscana, Umbria
Selection by milk: 
Milk Treatment: 
Pasteurized milk
An excellent pecorino. Aged for at least ninety days, Pecorino Fossa is then wrapped in burlap bags and it goes down into the pits of Talamello, with ancient sandstone. After careful preparation and cleaning, the pit is sealed with boards and plaster, creating an anaerobic environment, and after three months, traditionally in August, the cheese is removed from the pit. It 's a festival in honor of a great cheese, whose method of preparation and seasoning date back to the Middle Ages. The cheese, about 1 kg in weight, has an irregular shape due to aging in the pit, and is sold vacuum-sealed. To be enjoyed at its best, it should be removed from the vacuum at least 24 hours before being eaten. The rind is white in color, and the paste can range from ivory to light brown.
It is not easy to describe the flavor of the 'King of the Rock' cheese. It is often referred to as a cheese meditation, where every bite should be chewed slowly and savored carefully so that it can reveal its flavor and its history. Strong, determined, and reminiscent of the pit with flavors of mushroom and wine, but also sweet and intoxicating, a flavor that is prose and poetry.

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