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In 1996 Tim Pedrozo, a third generation dairy farmer, and his wife Jill, bought a small herd of Holstein and Jersey cows. Their hope was to allow their animals to graze outdoors on the variety of grasses that grew in their pastures. Over the next two years it became clear that sustaining a farm on fluid milk production was too great a burden. Packing up their family and herd of 50 cows, the Pedrozos bought a farm in the Sacramento Valley town of Orland and opened Pedrozo Dairy & Cheese Company. Learning to make a Gouda-style cheese from the former owner, they set out on their new endeavor. Throughout the years, the Pedrozos have developed their own style and their cheeses are true California originals. Their commitment to sustainable agriculture and responsible stewardship has remained as strong as ever. Their cows have year-round access to the outdoors and graze on natural grasses as long as the pastures are in bloom. The health and of their cows and their natural diet come through in the robust flavors of their raw milk cheeses.

The Stout Cow starts off with Pedrozo’s raw Jersey milk and follows the same recipe as his Blondie' Best. What sets it apart is the washing of this cheese with Sierra Nevada Stout during the two month aging process. Washing in stout allows this cheese to develop lighter, fruity notes, and in time offers the taste and aroma of fresh baked baked bread and other chocolate and mocha flavors common of the Sierra Nevada Stout.

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