Rosso di Langa

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Cow and Sheep
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Pasteurized milk

The Langhe is the argicultural heart of Piemonte. Its picturesque hills and meadows are home to the famed vineyards of Barolo and Barbaresco, hazelnut groves, fruit trees, and some of the world’s finest cheeses. The robiola, in its many varied forms, is a deep-rooted and beloved regional tradition.

The Rosso di Langa begins as a traditional robiola from the area which typically use a blend of milk aged for just a few weeks. Most Piemontese robiola, however, are produced with simple bloomy rinds. This cheese makes a nod to Lombardia to the east. There, robiolas are given a washed rind in the style of Taleggio. Rather than a pungent washed rind, the Rosso di Langa is given a blush of annatto lending a red hue to the cheese. The flavors however are pure Piemonte with each milk adding its own distinctive characteristic resulting in a lush, supple cheese with layers of flavors ranging from fresh cream, yeasts, grasses, butter, and barnyard hay.

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